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Welcome to the Radix Grassroots Program. The club program that helps your club generate revenue.

Members receive a 10% discount with their purchase and Radix gives 10% back to your club.

At Radix, we believe in pursuing greatness everywhere: on the field, on the court, on the track and on the ocean. With a strong heritage in sports, we understand the role clubs play in creating opportunities to pursue greatness. That's why we've launched the Radix Grassroots Program, to help your club invest in the resources needed to thrive.

We wish for Radix to play a supporting role in communities across the country. Revenue generated from the Radix Grassroots Program can be used to upgrade facilities, buy equipment, introduce new programs and develop talent.

At the same time, athletes and their family gain access to cutting-edge nutrition products designed to improve their health and performance.

How it works

1.Share your unique club code with your members.

2.Club members use the code at Radix's checkout.

3. Receive support funds back to your club.

Join the program to receive your activation pack.

Proudly supporting New Zealand sport.

Radix Nutrition is the established go-to products for athletes, and anyone looking for a simple way to improve their nutrition.

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Once you create an account, you'll be invited to our Club Portal for the Radix Grassroots Program and issued with a unique club code.

Club members simply add your club code to the discount code field when checking out on our online store.

They must do so to activate the donation back to the club.

Clubs are allowed to share their code with club members and their wider club community to maximise fundraising potential.

This includes the friends and family of current and past members.

You can find your club code under your profile on the club portal.

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Then go to Collabs in the menu to see your Grassroots Program details.

You'll be invited by email to the club portal within 48 hours of applying.

Alternatively, you can always log in by clicking here.

The fastest way to get support is by contacting us via live chat on our website in the bottom right hand corner.

Alternatively, you can email