Expert Nutritional Design

Expert Nutritional Design

Designing the Future of Nutrition.

"I am often asked why I find nutrition such a fascinating subject. It has been an obsession of mine since the early days of my athletic career and has continued to develop ever since. It is not only one of humanities core requirements but also one that is shared across all forms of life. A truly a vast subject then and one at the core of life and activities on earth. So then, what piqued my earlyinterest in the subject as a young athlete?


I was struck by a commonality shared by every athlete and role model that I looked up to; they all valued the importance of their diet as a key contributor to their athletic success and ongoing health. Further, I was struck by the fact that this viewpoint remained the same across the broadest range of athletes competing in any sport and remained consistent even outside of the athletic world. Here was something fully within my control that would help move me closer towards achieving my dreams as an athlete that I could work on each and every day. The feeling that I was making progress, banking the results from training sessions and building the body that would take me where I wanted to go.


So then, if that was the spark that ignited my initial interest, what has continued to build my obsession over the twenty-three or so years that have followed since my initial interest began? Simple, in nutrition, I have seen the ability to help others overcome the issues standing between themselves and their dreams


From the athlete striving to realise the dream, they have been longing for since childhood to those striving to achieve the wellness of themselves and their families in amongst the activities and stresses of everyday life or finally to those struggling to overcome the adversities of disease or misfortunes. I believe nutrition has the ability to not only help but also to help enable people to lead happier, healthier and more fulfilled lives.


In addition to the direct personal benefits a person can derive from improving their nutrition, we also personally have the ability to positively affect the environmental and social footprints we all share. Globally food production is one of the most significant environmental stresses on earth. Not only does humanity need to rapidly need to find ways of reducing the negative environmental impacts it needs to do this in the face of an increasing population.


In founding Radix, it has been our hope to could create a company that will help people more easily access the nutrition they need to thrive and share with them the opportunity to positively shape the world for the better. Something not easily achieved in modern society amongst a food model that I believe will in time be understood to be fundamentally failing to support the needs of the many by catering to some of the misinformed, and short-sighted, drivers of modern society. Namely profit, poor nutrition and the associated developing health crises and the short-sighted damaging environmental impacts."


Mike Rudling

CEO & Co-Founder

A global team of health experts has formulated Radix meals. Qualityingredients have specifically been selected in their natural form for maximumbioavailability and benefit. Combined in a state-of-the-art purpose-built facility, every meal is tested before release.