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Performance Through Health

Sports teams often have a number of constraints, which can impact their ability to focus on the game. Our program is designed to supportteams both financially and nutritionally.


Good nutrition is vital for sports teams as it affects performance, recovery, and health. Proper nutrition fuels performance, enhances recovery, maintains overall health, and improves mental health. A diet rich in carbohydrates and protein helps provide energy and repair muscle tissue. Nutrients like protein, carbohydrates, and healthy fats can reduce inflammation, repair damaged tissues, and restore energy levels. Proper nutrition helps reduce the risk of chronic diseases and maintain a healthy weight. Certain nutrients such as omega-3 fatty acids can improve mood and cognitive function. Teams can help maximize performance, reduce injuries, and promote overall health and well-being by ensuring athletes get the right balance of nutrients.

Bag of New Zealand grass-fed lean whey protein powder. Whey Protein DIAAS Complex 1.61


Using the best proteins is crucial for a sports team to optimize their performance, recovery, and overall health. The best proteins are those that contain all essential amino acids, are easily digestible and bioavailable, support the immune system, and are free from contaminants. By prioritizing high-quality protein sources, sports teams can help their athletes perform at their best and maintain optimal health.

Radix Nutrition DIAAS Complex has you covered.

DIAAS stands for "Digestible Indispensable Amino Acid Score." It is a method of measuring protein quality that takes into account the digestibility of the protein and the amino acid profile of the protein. Radix Nutrition Proteins have the highest DIAAS score available.


Recovery fuel is essential for sports teams because it helps to replenish energy stores, repair and build muscle tissue, and reduce inflammation and soreness after exercise. Here are some reasons why recovery fuel is important for sports teams:

  • Replenishing Energy Stores: During exercise, the body uses up its energy stores, such as glycogen, which can lead to fatigue and reduced performance. Recovery fuel that contains carbohydrates can help replenish these energy stores, allowing athletes to recover and perform at their best in subsequent training or competition.

  • Repairing and Building Muscle Tissue: Exercise can cause damage to muscle tissue, which needs to be repaired in order to grow and become stronger. Recovery fuel that contains protein can help repair this damage and promote muscle growth, allowing athletes to become stronger and more resilient over time.

  • Other key benifits include Reducing Inflammation and Soreness & Preventing Injury

Recovery fuel is essential for sports teams because it helps to replenish energy stores, repair and build muscle tissue, reduce inflammation and soreness, and prevent injury.

Financial Support

Finding sponsorship or financial support in sport can be challenging due to competition, economic factors, lack of exposure, difficulty in measuring ROI, and limited options for certain sports. We often receive applications for support more than we can achieve in the traditional form of sponsorship. This leads us to design our 10/10 program for local sports teams. It's a way of offering financial support to your club through the loyalty of your members. Your members also benefit from product pricing and high-quality products that help them compete at any level.

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We partner with sports teams, From Grass roots and School level all the way
to world stage medal contenders and world cup winners.

Radix can assist with Nutritional support in both advice and product to have
your team equipped for any challenge, tournament, or training session. Products
that adapt to any environment your team may face.

We have partnered with many successful teams in a number of disciplines.
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