Triathlon & Multisport

Radix offers a range of meals and drinks that are ideal for fueling your training and competition demands. Nutritionally complete and easy to prepare, it’s the perfect solution to accessing peak performance and recovery.

Key benefits for Triathlon and Multisport

Nutritionally complete.

Radix provides your body with everything it needs to optimize performance, helping you achieve unmatched recovery, energy levels, and mental clarity. Designed with RNAtechnology to increase the density of 130+ ingredients and nutrients, from macronutrients, micronutrients, amino acids, pre and post biotics, to a wide range of phytonutrients.

Refuel and recover

High in protein, essential amino acids, and other key nutrients, Radix offers a range of meals and recovery smoothies that help you to repair muscle, restore energy, and recover from fatigue.

Slow-releasing energy

With 400, 600, and 800 calorie options, Radix meals have slow-releasing energy to keep you going for longer. We use glycemic load and blood glucose measures to guide our carbohydrate design and optimise energy profiles.

All-natural, high quality.

Unnatural chemicals and allergens are disruptive to your metabolism. Our products are made with 100% natural ingredients, with absolutely no artificial flavours, colours, or preservatives.

No time? No problem

Take advantage of absolute convenience, with no cooking required. Hassle-free and ready in under 5 minutes. Just add water. Lightweight and compact, you can take a Radix meal anywhere.

Maximum bioavailability

The nutrients in Radix are in their natural, most bioavailable form, sourced from real ingredients and whole foods. This allows them to be absorbed and utilised more effectively than synthetic nutrients such as those in fortified foods or multivitamins.

“This is the best pre-race meal. Quick and easy to prepare, tastes great and doesn't leave me feeling too full. I've always had a great race after eating this on a race morning - that's why it's my go-to.

- Rob, Triathlon athlete and coach.

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Trusted by teams and athletes when it matters most

Dougal Allan, Multisport Champion.

Dougal Allan is a professional endurance athlete who competes in adventure races, multisport, and long-course triathlons around the world. He holds an honours degree in Physical Education and also works as a professional endurance coach. Dougal uses Radix to fuel his body for training and events, and holds multiple podium finishes in the Coast to Coast, XTERRA, Red Bull Defiance, Challange Wanaka, and IRONMAN.

Simone Maier, Multisport Champion.

Simone Maier is an Adventure Racer and Multisport World Champion. She has many titles to her name, including wins at the Coast to Coast, Red Bull Defiance, and the world’s biggest adventure race, GODZone.


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